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Here is the current Walking Club committee. Beneath each description you will find a link to that position's Terms of Reference - a detailed description of the responsibilities involved.

If you would like to stand for Committee, or if you would like to know more about what's involved, please contact secretaryouwc.org.



Christian Weinzetl, Oriel College/DPhil in Physics

Working all day long in a laboratory without windows, Christian is always happy to grab the opportunity to go on a hike in Britain’s wonderful nature. He is a fan of the Cotswolds and the Chilterns, two beautiful areas right on the doorstep of Oxford. There is nothing better than to go on a hike in good company bookended by stimulating conversations and a picturesque landscape.

E-mail: presidentouwc.org

The president is in charge of the Club, and is responsible for planning the term's activities, overseeing any issues that arise, and chairing meetings.

President's Terms of Reference




E-mail: secretaryouwc.org

The secretary takes minutes at committee meetings, oversees the minibus bookings, and is responsible for the Club's administration. Please contact the secretary if you would like to stand for committee or drive a minibus for a trip.

Secretary's Terms of Reference



Nicola Steinke
Corpus Christi College
DPhil in Biochemistry

E-mail: treasurerouwc.org

The treasurer is in charge of the Club's finances, balancing the books and authorising refunds for trip expenses, for example.

Treasurer's Terms of Reference


Trip and Safety Co-ordinator

Tom Waksman, St Edmund Hall/Biochemistry

Tom loves the mountains and views them as a playground for walking, scrambling and (maybe) climbing. When unable to be in them he may well be found putting off his Biochemistry degree work by planning his next trip, or cycling frantically to lectures because he is always late. When walking Tom will always be on the lookout for wildlife, especially rabbits, and he also believes that long distance walking and camping is the most rewarding way to explore the countryside. Besides this, Tom enjoys playing guitar, table football and eating lots of food. And of course, as secretary, typing frantically.

E-mail: trip.safetyouwc.org

The Trip and Safety Co-ordinator's job is to co-ordinate the running of Club Trips: queries should be addressed either to the Trip and Safety Coordinator or the Trip Organiser. The Trip and Safety Co-oordinator also oversees safety issues such as the Trip Leader Safety Document and the Risk Assessments. Contact the Trip and Safety Coordinator if you would like to organise or lead a trip.

Trip and Safety Co-ordinator's Terms of Reference (including Training Officer - see below)


Alumni Secretary

Simon Lewis, University College/DPhil in History

Simon is mainly a local walker, who prefers to leave the more daring stuff to the other members of the club. On the one occasion that Simon did come on a minibus day trip, it rained heavily. Since then, he has been banned from leaving the perimeters of Oxfordshire.

E-mail: alumniouwc.org

The Alumni secretary runs our Alumni scheme, keeping in touch with former club members.

Alumni Secretary's Terms of Reference



William Clements, Lady Margaret Hall/DPhil in Physics

E-mail: archivistouwc.org

The archivist co-ordinates the term's local walks and at the end of the term, plans next term's local walks. The archivist is also in charge of the Club's large collection of maps and guidebooks. Contact the archivist if you would like to borrow any of these or if you would like to lead a local walk.

Archivist's Terms of Reference


Membership Secretary

Danica Fernandes, Corpus Christi College / Medicine

Danica is a big fan of the Seven Sisters, particularly the café at Birling gap which does the most amazing cakes. She is determined to visit it as many times as possible before it inevitably falls into the sea. When not walking with the OUWC, Danica can be found investigating Oxford’s lesser known coffee shops or chilling in the botanical gardens.

E-mail: membershipouwc.org

Contact the Membership Secretary if you would like to join the Club, or if your membership needs renewing.

Membership Secretary's Terms of Reference





Spending time outdoors is one of Thomas' favourite activities to relax after studying. He likes to be away from the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. For him it is most rewarding to reach a view point along the way on a clear sunny day, but walks under harsh conditions also have their appeal. When not on a walk you might find him in the club stores sorting out equipment for one of the next trips.


E-mail: quartermasterouwc.org

The quartermaster is in charge of the club's equipment, preparing equipment for club trips and loaning equipment to members.

Quartermaster's Terms of Reference


Social Representative

Maysa Falah
Wolfson College
DPhil student
Department of Clinical Neuroscience

E-mail: socialouwc.org

The social rep organises and co-ordinates the club's programme of social events.

Social Rep's Terms of Reference


Training officer

Jaya John, Physics

Inspired by the beauty and variety of the UK’s mountain and coastal scenery, Jaya John is keen on hillwalking and outdoor photography. Like a few others on committee, he particularly looks forward to the immersion of days and nights in the mountains on longer backpacking trips. As Training Officer, he arranges First Aid and map-reading courses, among other training. If you’d like to learn more and improve your skills, including up to Mountain Leader level, please get in touch!

E-mail: trainingouwc.org

The Training Officer's job is to co-ordinate the leader training programme and the First Aid training programme.

(The Training Officer's role has recently been separated from that of Trip and Safety Co-ordinator. Until the Terms of Reference document is split accordingly, please see the Trip and Safety Co-ordinator's terms of reference above.)



Natasha Ng, Balliol College/DPhil in Medical Science

Natasha wishes she had more time to explore the outdoors instead of working behind the computer, though she fully appreciates the fact that many people do rely on the website for information, and so she thinks she's in quite a powerful position! Being a biologist at heart and a previous girl guide, she loves the wildlife and also has a thing for coastal scenery. One of her dream jobs is to be a conservationist, and on her bucket list is a trip to Ecuador, which is home to the Andes, Amazon and Galapagos Islands.

E-mail: webmasterouwc.org

The webmaster is in charge of the design and content of this website. Contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions about the website or if you have any photos to contribute.

Webmaster's Terms of Reference


IT Officer

Natasha Ng, Balliol College/DPhil in Medical Science

E-mail: it.officerouwc.org

The IT Officer is in charge of liaising with the University and OUCS about all aspects of the Club's IT activities that are regulated by the University, including the Club's Mailing Lists. Contact the IT officer if you're having trouble with the mailing lists.

The IT Officer is a separately elected committee post. This would often be the same person as the Webmaster, but must be a current University member to comply with OUCS rules.

IT Officer's Terms of Reference


Ex-Officio Ex-President

Marta Sarzynska
St John's College
DPhil in Mathematics

E-mail: ex.officioouwc.org

The previous president assists the committee by passing on the experience that only a term of being president can bring.


Senior Member

Prof Alan Barr
Lecturer in Particle Physics
Fellow of Merton College

E-mail: seniorouwc.org

Alan is the Club's elected Senior Member.

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