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The Club is currently in the process of setting up an alumni scheme for members who have left Oxford but who are still interested in OUWC activities. Hopefully it will be a way of keeping in touch with people when they leave and scatter to the four winds! Ideas include an alumni mailing list, newsletter, special events and an alumni trip. We're also hoping to set up an alumni fund which could be used, for example, to sponsor leader training. If you are or will soon be leaving and would like to join the scheme and/or make any suggestions, please contact the Alumni Secretary ().

Support the Club!

If you want to help Oxford University Walking Club you can now give money to the club through the University development office page. The monies raised will be used to train walking leaders for the club.

Alumni Newsletters

Alumni Register

There is an online Register of OUWC Alumni.

If you've left Oxford (no matter how long ago), you're about to leave Oxford or to update your details, go to the Update Alumni Details page.

Alumni Email List

We have recently introduced a walking-alumni email list to communicate with OUWC Alumni. To be added to the list visit the Update Alumni Details page.

Alumni Events

Speech given by Bill Manville (17th president) at the HT2008 Annual dinner about rambling in HT 1968.

Club merchandise

Something to remember those good ol' OUWC days by? (Ok OUHRC if you're ancient!) We have t-shirts, mugs, posters and personalised fleeces/hoodies - take your pick! Have a look at our Merchandise page.